Leslie's Yacht & Marine Pte Ltd

The company was founded by Managing Director Leslie Foo more than 20 years ago. It is the South East Asian distributor for quality brands like ZF-FPS propellers and PSS Shaft Seals.

Leslie's Yacht & Marine Pte Ltd expertise include personalised knowledge, customization,customer service and care that has created an unrivalled range of clients which includes

  • GrandBanks Yachts
  • Greenbay Marine
  • Marlin Marine Sdn Bhd
  • The Indonesian Navy
  • The Singapore Police Coast Guard
  • PT Dumai Express
  • PT Palindo
  • PT Pelayaran Sakti
  • PT Fibrite Fibre Glass
  • PT Carita Boat Indonesia
  • PT Proskuneo Kadarusman
  • PT Karimun Anugrah Sejati
  • Sam Aluminium Engineering Pte Ltd
  • and a host of other names

The company's forte in is the Marine Propeller line with a promise to provide clients with customised solutions that are designed to help improve efficiency and performance in propeller selection and application.